Ansegeln an der Wakenitz
Ansegeln an der Wakenitz, April 2013.
photo: © Michael Wegner
Ratzeburger See
Ausflug der 12´Dinghies und H-Jollen zum Ratzeburger See.
Hamburg 2007
  After the Second World War there were still about 6 International Twelves sailing in Lübeck and the class produced many well known and successful sailors, but subsequently the class died out. It was re-introduced to the Lübecker Sailing Club in 1983 when Peter Stülcken imported a Dutch built GRP boat  
15 year-old John Karl Rehder sailing his 12-foot dinghy on the Ratzeburger See in 1924.

photo: private collection J.K.Rehder
In 1986 the '12-Fuß-Dinghy-Flotte Nord' was founded with just four dinghies.

Two years later the Lübecker fleet had grown to eleven boats and by 1989 another three dinghies had joined the fleet which was now starting to spread to adjacent clubs. Since then progress has been continuous and there are now approximately 30 International Twelve Foot Dinghies sailing in northern Germany and a handfull in other parts of the country.
12-Fuß-Dinghy-Flotte Nord
Wir sind eine Vereinigung von begeisterten 12-Fuß-Dinghy-Seglern im Norddeutschen Raum, die regelmäßige Regatten und Treffen von 12-Fuß-Dinghies veranstaltet.

Wir haben uns im Lübecker Yacht Club (LYC) gegründet. Zu uns gehören inzwischen auch viele Segler anderer Vereine, wie dem Norddeuschen Regatta Verein (NRV) und dem Ratzeburger Segler Verein (RSV). Jährlich wiederkehrende Regattaveranstaltungen finden auf auf der Wakenitz in Lübeck, der Hamburger Alster, der Ostsee und dem Ratzeburger See statt.
Launch day: another dinghy joins the fleet.
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