Cockshott Trophy
The event was inaugurated in 2008 when 64 sailors of six different nationalities took part in the series which featured regattas in each of the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey. The 2009 edition saw 88 sailors from seven different countries taking part.

Thanks in part to the very successful World Cup event in Bracciano, the 2010 series saw another large increase in the number of Cockshott Trophy competitors, with 137 sailors from sixteen countries taking part.

In 2011 the series was expanded to include events in France, Germany and Slovenia in addition to the traditional venues of Italy, Holland and Turkey. Thanks to this, no fewer than 178 helmsmen and helmsladies competed, making this the most successful Cockshott Trophy Series to date.

Despite the Kaag event being removed from the 2012 calendar (because this event does not accept plastic boats), the overall entry nevertheless totalled 169 competitors.

Inevitably, the introduction of the CWC Friendship Series resulted in fewer Cockshott Trophy events and a corresponding reduction in the number of qualifiers in 2013 & 2014, however it was nice to see some new names and new countries on the podium!

2015 saw the introduction of an experimental scoring method designed to better handle the variation in the number of competitors in individual Cockshott Trophy events and to offer more encouragement to sailors who show most commitment to the series.

The 2015 Series was notable in that for the first time one nation occupied the podium: Italy's Enrico NEGRI finished first, followed by Vincenzo PENAGINI and Emanuele TUA.

New venues for 2016: the German event will take place on the Matsee in Austria and the French event at Loctudy, Brittany. The series will start with the traditional Bombola d'Oro Portofino, Italy.
2016 Series: results
Cockshott Trophy
The Cockshott Trophy
was presented to the Association by the Cockshott family in October 2009.
2016 Rules:
  • The Cockshott Trophy is open to 12' dinghies that have been constructed to the specifications of one of the national associations of the 12 foot dinghy class. If you are not sure whether your boat qualifies - please ask us!
  • The 2016 Cockshott Trophy series will comprise four events.
  • In order to qualify for the 2016 series competitors must enter a minimum of two events.
  • The results of all four events will be counted.
  • The series winner will be the competitor with the highest number of points.
  • All competitors will be considered as DNS (0 points) for events in which they did not compete.
  • The scoring method is to be used on event results, not for individual races within an event.
  • Results will be published on this website as soon as possible after each event.
  • A spreadsheet showing the number of points for position/entrants will also be available for download from this website.
Scoring method:
Points will be awarded using the following formula:
points awarded =

401 + 1000(log C) - 1000(log F)

C = the number of competitors taking part in a regatta.
F = the boats finishing position in the regatta
Results of the 9th George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2016
1stNEGRI Enrico2610
2ndPIEROBON Fausto2595
3ndMICHEL Enrico2279
4rdDURLI Marco2113
5thMOSCHIONI Vito1867
6thMONAGER Pierre1756
7thLODIGIANI Francesca1574
8thSPINA Vincenzo1569
9thCORBELLINI Paolo1381
10thPASQUINI Paolo1311
11thMEISTER Anna908
12thMEISTER Rupert834
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Results of the 8th George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2015
1stEnrico Negri3318
2ndVincenzo Penagini3052
3ndEmanuele Tua2830
4rdMichael Von Der Gathen2784
5thMarco Dubbini2273
6thAndreas Fuhrhop1819
7thToni Anghilleri1716
8thStefano Lillia1698
9thPeer Stemmler1661
10thPaolo Ermolli1642
11thFabio Mangione1584
12thGiovanni Stracquadaneo1486
13thFrancesca Lodigiani1483
14thRupert Meister1473
15thGiacomo Giribaldi1408
16thPatricia Surrendonk1105
17thBruno Tosco1060
full results
Results of the 7th George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2014
1stVincenzo Penagini31
=2ndPeer Stemmler45
=2ndRifat Edin45
4rdPierre Monager54
5thMichael von der Gathen62
6thPeter Voss63
7thPaolo Corbellini69
8thAndreas Fuhrhop96
Results of the 6th George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2013
1stEmrah Taşli25
2ndGiorgio Pizzarello43
3ndStefano Pizzarello60
4thPaolo Cobellini81
5thNicky Arnoldus85
5thRifat Edin85
7thFrancesca Lodigiani110
8thMatteo Pizzarello122
9thFabrizio Brutti133
Results of the 5th George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2012
1stReinhard Schroeder21
2ndFilippo Jannello29
3ndGiorgio Pizzarello34
4thVincenzo Penagini36
5thFausto Pierobon50
6thCarlo Pizzarello58
7thPierre Monager59
8thStefano Pizzarello60
= 9thMatteo Pizzarello61
= 9thNicky Arnoldus61
11thAttilio Carmagnani66
12thFlavio Semenzato67
13thItalo Bertacca68
14thRoberto Marconi69
= 15thPaolo Corbellini89
= 15thElio Dondero89
17thFrancesco Vidal100
18thWillem de Boer102
= 19thRifat Edin103
= 19thSteve Crook103
21stAlberto Baldan112
22ndRenzo Santini114
23rdFrancesca Lodigiani116
24thLeen van Willigen121
25thUgo Leopaldi 129
26thMarco Giudici130
27thAndreas Fuhrhop133
28thUmberto Giolli134
29thLeonello Azzarini140
30thFrancesco Gandolfi161
31thSandro Alessi168
Results of the 4th George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2011
1stFabrizio Brazzo46
= 2ndAndrea Bortoluzzi53
= 2ndHuib Ozinga53
4thPierre Moneger64
5thMassimo Schiavon65
6thNicky Arnoldus67
= 7thFred Udo68
= 7thMarco Durli68
9thAndrea Tognacci70
10thFred Lachotzki75
11thFranco Penzo76
12thDuuk Dudok van Heel80
13thDante Dalla Torre82
14thFrancesco Vidal83
= 15thGiuseppe Baron87
= 15thMaurizio Baroni87
17thTony Surendonk88
18thBen Akkerman89
= 19thAndreas Fuhrhop90
= 19 thWillem De Boer90
21stMarino Barovier93
22ndEnrico Zaffalon105
23rdRifat Edin107
24thMaurizio Tirapani114
= 25thPaolo Corbellini 115
= 25thPeer Stemmler115
27thPieter Bleeker116
28thDolph Blussé123
29thSteve Crook130
30thAnjo Klinkenberg133
31thLeonello Azzarini135
32stFranco Ballarin151
33ndLeen Van Willigen153
34rdPaolo Briolini162
Results of the 3rd George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2010
1stPieter Bleeker2
2ndUberto Capannoli 11
3rdDuud Dudok Van Heel15
4thFabio Mangione22
5thTony Surrendonk25
6thGiorgio Pizzarello26
7thStefano Pizzarello30
8thWim Bleeker33
9thDolph Blussé36
10thAnjo Klinkenberg37
11thLouis F. van Ameijden Zandstra44
12thHans van der Meer51
13thWillem de Boer60
14thLeen van Willigen67
15thPeer Stemmler79
16thHenk van der Zande86
Results of the 2nd George Cockshott Trophy Series - 2009
   de KaagBraccianoTuzla*GC trophy
1stUberto Capannoli-1910
2ndGiorgio Pizzarello910312
3rdPieter Bleeker112-13
4thStefano Pizzarello1971219
5thGuiseppe La Scala1016-26
6thLeen van Willigen1414-28
7thRifat Edin-82129
8thPaolo Corbellini-221840
9thAnjo Klinkenberg2524-49
10thRenzo Santini3719-56
=11thSteve Crook46-1561
=11thWillem de Boer3229-61
13thHenk v/d Zande3923-62
Results of the 1st George Cockshott Trophy Series- 2008
   de KaagBraccianoTuzla*GC trophy
1stGiorgio Pizzarello287310
2ndStefano Pizzarello-3912
3rdFred Udo612-18
4thFred Lachotzki1216-28
5thEdhem Dirvana-23629
=6thAnjo Klinkenberg255-30
=6thRifat Edin-181230
8thDuuk Dudok van Heel294-33
9thRenzo Santini2117-38
10thSteve Crook35-1550