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When Southport solicitor and amateur boat designer George Cockshott, entered a design competition in 1913, little could he have envisaged that the boat that he drew would still be sailing 100 years later. Cockshott's 12 Foot Dinghy went on to become the first small boat to gain international status and was selected for the 1920 and 1928 Olympic Games. Although outclassed by modern boats, its endearing character ensures that it is still sailed and raced enthusiastically by near-fanatical owners around the world.
No fewer than 171 Dinghies assembled in the Netherlands during June 2014 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the 12' Dinghy in that country! Since then the Class has continued to prosper in the Netherlands, Italy and Japan, and fleets are growing in various other countries including France, Switzerland and Austria.
Picture of the month - March 2023  
Finnish sailor Bertel Broman won a bronze medal sailing a 12' Dinghy
at the 1928 Olympic Games.

This Dinghy, which was used during the Finnish Olympic selection trials, is on display
at Kansallismuseo - The National Museum of Finland
Photo credit: Kansallismuseo - The National Museum of Finland
The picture of the month from March 2007
picture of the month
This photograph submitted by K Murakami, Japan.
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An October Sail
Sailing on the Thunersee - October 2022
2020 Vision - 100 years of the International 12-foot Dinghy in the United Kingdom
A new book has been published exactly 100 years after K1 Tern became the UK's first International 12-foot Dinghy to receive a class certificate.

Part one describes the origins and history of the International 12-foot Dinghy, and documents the rise, the fall, and the hesitant rebirth of the Class in the United Kingdom.

Part two sets out to provide a snapshot of the Dinghy Class in the U.K. by highlighting twelve personalities, twelve boats and twelve sailing clubs that have each played a role in the ongoing story.

215 pages with many illustrations

Available from amazon.co.uk and other amazon market places (avoid amazon.nl where it is over-priced!)
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